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Are you stuck somewhere? Did you hit a wall? Do you want to heal an old wound? Break a habit? Obtain more access to yourself? Come as you are.

Do you want to adjust to your new family configuration? Welcome a new baby? Absorb a loss? Overcome a challenge? Be more present in the moment? Explore your role as a parent? Redefine yourself in a relationship? Come as you are.

Together we can move through pain and achieve a deeper understanding of your relationship with yourself, ease conflicts, cope with challenges, and open room for more joy in your life.

Together we can give possibility to a fuller, more integrated life experience. In a safe space with compassion, mindful observation, emphatic listening and humor I am here to accompany you in your journey to your heart.

I have extensive experience in working with individuals and couples dealing with past trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss. I work with relationship issues, postpartum, new baby issues, and provide infant/child parenting training. I help couples redefine their relationship, increase their ability to communicate with one another, and move towards warmth and closeness.

I see this work as a privilege, hold it sacredly and host a safe, accepting, intuitive, trustworthy environment.

Low income, student, and artist discount available.